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The Road to Omaha Starts and Ends Here!!
Save Dingerville!!

If you haven't heard, 'The City of Omaha' has decided Dingerville & the RV community, which has been the life-blood of the event for the last 30+ years, are no longer important/profitable enough, to continue using their high-dollar real-estate during the CWS.

That's right, Dingerville is getting Office Space'd like Milton!! So what are we going to do about it? Sorry, we can't burn down Rosenblatt, that would be counterproductive... but what we can do is join forces, and let everyone know DINGERVILLE WILL NOT DIE!!!

Please sign our Petition below -- if not available below, you may find it here.

In addition to signing the Petition, feel free to also respectively voice your concern via the contact info below:

Newspaper articles written Before and After the ignorant decision to erase Dingerville:


Columbia Tribune: Fans still come first at College World Series (Editorial written 2 yrs ago, which applauds Omaha and the CWS for maintaining a unique atmosphere in sports - large in part to Dingerville): "Nowhere is the down-home atmosphere of the CWS more prevalent than Dingerville, a community of 32 recreational vehicles parked about 100 yards beyond the left-field bleachers"

Rocky Mtn News: Welcome home: Omaha rolls out welcome mat for College World Series

There is Dingerville, a makeshift village of RVs situated outside the outfield fences, where revelers swap beer and barbecue beef and horsehide tales with amiable neighbors.

"This place reminds you of that movie, the Field of Dreams," Oregon State fan Dave Hoccalker said. "This is baseball country."

"My LSU Tigers aren’t even playing," said Ron Daigle, of Rayne, La. "But that didn’t stop me from coming.

"I watched the College World Series on TV for years and I never realized what went on outside the gates. That’s where all the fun is."


Omaha World Herald: Omaha evicts RVs from Dingerville

Thanks for the support!!

In an attempt to get people to park in a yard owned by her family, Amanda Cartwright, 17, displays her body of advertisements at 13th and C streets on the opening day of the College World Series.

Please sign our Petition here.

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The Legend of Dingerville:

Prior to 2000, when the North RV parking lot was created and paved, Dingerville was the often muddy campsite in-between Zesto’s and Rosenblatt, best known for its multiple forms of food & “spirit”, attracting a unique blend of characters from all corners of the map.

The name “Dingerville” originated from Glenarp "Dinger" Allmendinger and his wife, Madeline, who first began their summer ritual with a legion of LSU fans in the late 1980s. The group became fixtures at the RV site, and soon named the community after its Founding Family, anointing Glenarp as "Mayor" of Dingerville.

In 2000, the City of Omaha moved the RV roadsters to Rosenblatt’s new & “improved” lot. Dinger and co. ultimately conceded their historic pad, and have since adapted to the modern luxuries of “legal” electricity...and concrete. The group continues to grace the ‘Blatt with their presence, and have appropriately named their new summer resort “North Dingerville”.

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